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Meet me!…and our home.

Hello guys!! Thanks for stopping by the blog!! I was super nervous about starting it.  Especially one that takes you guys inside my home and letting the social web see the products of my new hobby (woodworking) and putting my work out there to be critiqued.  I’ve always been a very private person and really critical of myself (thanks to my OCD-ish, perfectionist personality).  So, letting the social web into my life was/is very scary.  But, I’m conquering my fears and here I am! (And thank you to my friends who helped push me to start one….you know who you are)  So, bear with me as I learn this new world of openness that I’m stepping into.

I won’t go into a whole autobiography of who I am on my first post.  I’ll save that for the “Meet me” section of the blog.  And since this blog is about my home and hobbies, I won’t bore you with the personal story.  You just came to see inspirational home, decor, woodworking and DIY pictures and read about how, why and what I did, right?  Well, anything for you guys! So I’ll give you that!  But if you want to get a better idea of who I am, visit the “Meet Me” section or my Instagram page.  I just made my  Instagram unprivate a couple of months ago…the first big step into become more open and letting people see my passion.  I’m conquering one obstacle/fear at a time.

Ok, enough of that.  Now to what you came here for.  Visuals and inspiration!  Here’s sort of a collage of what our home looks like now.  There’s many more changes, enhancements, improvements, additions, subtractions etc. that I’m dying to make.  And let’s be honest, no one is ever really done decorating their home. Things change…and change is good! So everything I do from now on I plan to document here.  Including my new builds, and DIY projects.  I started this blog for you guys.  So if you have any questions about anything you see, or jut want to say “Hi!”please feel free to leave a comment or message me here or on my Instagram page.  Please, don’t be afraid, I’m super nice, promise!

Again, thanks for stopping by! Come back again, and ENJOY!


Fun fact about the pic above: I recovered those huge window cornices at the top and made the tan drapes on the ends from 100 ft of fabric from Joann Fabrics (Great/Living Room)
Great/Living Room
Master Bedroom
Hall/Entryway vignette
Great/Living room fireplace
Great/Livng room
Great/Living room
Kitchen nook
Kitchen nook chalkboard and shelf
Great/Living room
Great/Living room aerial view
Kitchen island vignette
Great/Living room

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