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DIY Cotton Wreath

I was rearranging and switching up a few decor items and had some cotton stems with no place to call home. So, I decided to use them to refresh our front door wreath for the season.  All materials I used I already had on hand.  But, they are very inexpensive.  I got the medium sized wreath at Hobby Lobby a few years ago on sale for about $4 (and it’s still about the same price depending on what day you go).  The cotton stems are from, but these can also be found at Hobby Lobby or Michaels in the floral sections.  Hobby Lobby and Michaels ALWAYS has these things on sale for at least 50% off or more.  And if they aren’t, there is always a 40% off or more coupon available on the website, sales paper or app.  Never pay full price at either of these two stores! The jute robe is from Hobby Lobby, but I’m sure you can find jute rope at any store that sells arts and craft items. The large command hook I had just laying around, but it is also something that is easily found and cost no more than $6-$8.

This wreath is super simple.  Here’s a summary of the supplies I mentioned above:

Medium sized wreath

4 or more bushels of cotton stems (depends on how full you want yours)

-Jute rope 


Large Command Hook or a wreath hook

First cut about 5-8 small pieces of jute rope, as shown below.

These will be used to secure the cotton stems to the wreath.  You’ll want to have these cut before you start arranging the stems around the wreath because once you get the stems the way you like them on the wreath, you easily grab a piece of rope and tie it down.

Arrange the cotton stems around the wreath.  The “legs” are bendable, so I just slid them between the sticks of wreath at an angle, arranged the cotton how I wanted on the front, bent the “legs” at the back of the wreath to secure it  and used the small pieces of rope to tie them down like so…

Once you tie the stems down, just tuck the ends of the rope behind the sticks of the wreath to hide. Continue to arrange and tie down the stems in sporadic places until you are satisfied.   Then, cut a medium to long piece of rope.  Loop it through the hole of the wreath and knot the top like so…

Or, if your wreath already has a hook, you can loop the rope through that as well.  Whichever you prefer. 

Install your command hook or wreath hook per the instructions on your front door. 

Hang it up, step back and admire your DIY cotton wreath and the curb appeal you just added to your front porch! 

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