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Shapely Wall Shelves

These shelves are the product of my insomnia.  I put my babies to bed one night and couldn’t fall asleep.  So I got up, went into the garage, put some scrap wood 2x4s that I had left over to work!  4 days (nights) of insomnia later, these babies were born!  I originally built just the small… Continue reading Shapely Wall Shelves

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Genesis…My first woodworking project

The piece of furniture that started my woodworking obsession! AND that inspired me to start my blog. This beautiful desk I built for my daughter!  I’d seen this desk on (my woodworking best friends in my head lol) a while back and dreamed of the day I could build it.  Well, one day something… Continue reading Genesis…My first woodworking project

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Meet me!…and our home.

Hello guys!! Thanks for stopping by the blog!! I was super nervous about starting it.  Especially one that takes you guys inside my home and letting the social web see the products of my new hobby (woodworking) and putting my work out there to be critiqued.  I’ve always been a very private person and really… Continue reading Meet me!…and our home.