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Fall Vibes

It’s almost the end of October and I’m still (slowly) decorating the house for fall.  I figured we’re only a few weeks into fall, so I have at least another month and a half, right? I’m sure I’ll have all of my decor out and displayed by the time Thanksgiving is upon us.  Not too… Continue reading Fall Vibes

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DIY Cotton Wreath

I was rearranging and switching up a few decor items and had some cotton stems with no place to call home. So, I decided to use them to refresh our front door wreath for the season.  All materials I used I already had on hand.  But, they are very inexpensive.  I got the medium sized… Continue reading DIY Cotton Wreath

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Succulent Planter Boxes

After I built my wooden window cornices for our kitchen nook, I had plenty of scrap wood leftover.  I used some of it to build another cornice for my baby girl’s nursery and more to build a couple of planter boxes for my succulents.   I mirrored the planter boxes I made for my oldest… Continue reading Succulent Planter Boxes

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The Plant Blues

Did you know that plants can get the blues too?  Me neither! Ok, not really…but maybe they do? I don’t know if it’s been scientifically proven or not, but I noticed this “blues behavior” in a couple of my indoor plants. 7 years ago, I bought 2 Croton Petra plants (that’s what Google told me… Continue reading The Plant Blues

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Wooden Window Cornices Upgrade

When we bought our home, I thought we were so lucky because all of the windows had some kind of window treatment already.  Although they were definitely not my taste, I was satisfied because 1. the house looked a little decorated and not just an empty space 2. I didn’t have to tap into my… Continue reading Wooden Window Cornices Upgrade

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Genesis…My first woodworking project

The piece of furniture that started my woodworking obsession! AND that inspired me to start my blog. This beautiful desk I built for my daughter!  I’d seen this desk on http://www.shanty2chic.com (my woodworking best friends in my head lol) a while back and dreamed of the day I could build it.  Well, one day something… Continue reading Genesis…My first woodworking project

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Meet me!…and our home.

Hello guys!! Thanks for stopping by the blog!! I was super nervous about starting it.  Especially one that takes you guys inside my home and letting the social web see the products of my new hobby (woodworking) and putting my work out there to be critiqued.  I’ve always been a very private person and really… Continue reading Meet me!…and our home.