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My New Work Bench! 

I’ve been wanting an official work bench for a while now. What have I been using since I started my woodworking journey in January you ask? Oh, just 3 of our 6ft folding party tables we use when we have events at our home.  Not ideal, but they were the only thing I had that… Continue reading My New Work Bench! 

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Outdoor Porch Couch/Bench DIY

My girls love to play outside (what children don’t, right?).  Since our front yard has more running room and openness than our backyard, they play in the front more often than not.  And since I (and/or my husband) have to be out there with them, I wanted our front porch to be a comfortable place… Continue reading Outdoor Porch Couch/Bench DIY

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Planting and Caring for Succulents

I tried my luck with succulents before and, well, let’s just say I wasn’t so lucky…r.i.p. to those sweet babies. I was determined to get it right this time. So, I did my research on many  blogs, websites, and any info I could find about the proper way to plant and care for succulents.  Almost… Continue reading Planting and Caring for Succulents

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Succulent Planter Boxes

After I built my wooden window cornices for our kitchen nook, I had plenty of scrap wood leftover.  I used some of it to build another cornice for my baby girl’s nursery and more to build a couple of planter boxes for my succulents.   I mirrored the planter boxes I made for my oldest… Continue reading Succulent Planter Boxes

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Wooden Window Cornices Upgrade

When we bought our home, I thought we were so lucky because all of the windows had some kind of window treatment already.  Although they were definitely not my taste, I was satisfied because 1. the house looked a little decorated and not just an empty space 2. I didn’t have to tap into my… Continue reading Wooden Window Cornices Upgrade

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Wooden You Appreciate?

My daughter’s kindergarten teachers are so loving, helpful and definitely go above and beyond, not only for my baby but for all of the students in their class.  I knew for Teacher Appreciation Week I wanted to do something more than just buy them a gift and a card.  And with this new woodworking hobby,… Continue reading Wooden You Appreciate?

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Shapely Wall Shelves

These shelves are the product of my insomnia.  I put my babies to bed one night and couldn’t fall asleep.  So I got up, went into the garage, put some scrap wood 2x4s that I had left over to work!  4 days (nights) of insomnia later, these babies were born!  I originally built just the small… Continue reading Shapely Wall Shelves

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Genesis…My first woodworking project

The piece of furniture that started my woodworking obsession! AND that inspired me to start my blog. This beautiful desk I built for my daughter!  I’d seen this desk on (my woodworking best friends in my head lol) a while back and dreamed of the day I could build it.  Well, one day something… Continue reading Genesis…My first woodworking project