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Spring Vibes Inside 

Spring is about a week away.  I can’t wait!  I’m so over the cold and I’m really anticipating the warm weather!  Plus, I’m excited to start a new journey this year…gardening! 

So, in preparation for the April showers and May flowers, I’m forcing spring in my home with potted plant and adding cheerful color!  If you’ve seen pictures of my home on my Instagram or my blog, you can pretty much come to the conclusion that I love neutral colors.  But, around early March is usually the time of year where I start to add flowers and little color to my decor. 

The past couple of years, I’ve gotten most of my foliage from Ikea.  They usually have a variety of plants at very reasonable prices.  But, you can also find great foliage at Home Depot, Lowes, Joe Randazzo, and/or any local nursery you have in your area.  
My plants of choice are succulents and cacti and anything with lots of green/neutral hues.  I love succulents because they are very forgiving and hard to kill (see this blog post where I give tips about caring for succulents). But, the goal here is to force those spring vibes with plants that bring YOU the most cheer. So, get flowers and plants that make you happy. With that said, let’s get to forcing spring in our homes!

The most important part of a potted plants is getting the correct soil for your plant.  Succulents and cacti thrive in a soil mix that  dries quickly.  I got this bag from Home Depot.  It was about $5. 

Next is picking the right pots.  Since succulents love dry soil, a pot with a drainage hole his ideal to let any excess watering drain from the bottom to slow the soil to dry faster.  I got these terra-cotta pots with drainage holes from Ikea.  I bought 3 in two sizes (they look medium and small sized),  and paid $7 and some change for all of them, including the drip tray.  See, that’s why I LOVE Ikea! Easy on the pocket book! 

And last but not least, the plants. I got 2 kalanchoes (on each end with yellow blooms), 2 cacti (in front) and himalayamix (middle plant with green, yellow and red leaves).  Make sure your plants will thrive in the soil you have.  And also, if you combine a few in a pot, make sure they can all “live” together. Meaning they have the same sun, watering, temperature and soil requirements.  I plan to pot my kalanchoe’s and himalaymix in the same pot because they all have the same requirements. 

Now with all of your supplies on hand..

Put your plants in the pots to your hearts desire.

This is a great activity to get the babies involved.  My girls loved playing in the dirt. 

I had these decorative rocks on hand, so I decided to use them to hide the dirt in the cacti. 

I even get my babies in on the action.  I got these two flower kits from the Target Dollar spot.  They were only $3  each. All of the materials come in the kit: dirt, seeds and you use the carton to plant the seeds in.

They had a ball planting their seeds. 

Now put all of your spring inspiration on display in your home in anticipation of the upcoming season! 

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