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Simple DIY Hanging Planter 

It was Thursday afternoon of Teacher’s Appreciation Week, and I realized I’d procrastinated a little too long for our first grade teacher’s gift.  I knew I was gifting plants to all of our teachers (daycare and elementary).  I just hadn’t picked up the aloe plant I was going to give our 1st grade teacher.  After I’d picked it up, it didn’t feel personal enough.  So, I went to my scrap wood pile to make a planter box for it. 
Materials used:
-Scrap 2x4s
-Jute twine 
-Painter’s tape
-2 inch Brad nails
-Wood glue

Tools used:
-Miter saw
-Braid nailer


I cut 7 pieces of 2×4 for the planter. One piece was cut at around 5 ¼ inches for the bottom.

2 pieces were cut at 6 ½ inches for the ends.

4 pieces were cut at 6 inches for the sides. 

I sanded all pieces before assembling.  When you assemble, it will be  hard to sand inside of the planter because of the tight space. 

On the two 6 ½ inches pieces (the ends), about an inch from one of the edges, make a mark wear you will drill a hole for the jute twine. Drill the holes in each of the end pieces.  This can be done before or after you assemble the planter. 

Assemble using brad nails and wood glue.  The 5 ¼ inches piece is the bottom of the planter.  The four 6 inch pieces are the sides.  And the two 6 ½ inch pieces are the ends.  (Sorry I didn’t get detailed pictures of the assembly process).

Then, to make it easier to insert the jute twine into the holes, tape the ends, put each end through the hole in the planter, and tie a knot.

Once the knot is secure and the length of the twine is to your liking, cut the tape off of the ends. 
And your planter should look something like this!  

I usually put a finish on all of my pieces, but I chose to leave the wood raw on this one.  I liked the way it look and it also  gave the teacher the option to choose her own finish, or leave it as is.  However, before you put the jute twine or rope through the holes, you can put whatever finish you like on yours. 

I gave the hanging planter and aloe plant to our first grade teacher and the succulent sedums in mini terracotta pots to our daycare teachers. 

I found the mini terracotta pots at Hobby Lobby. They came in a set of 6 for a little over $1. 

More planter enhancement ideas: 

You can also line the inside of with plastic to keep the wood safe from moisture and water. Or just place the plant inside of the planter in its nursery pot. But remember, nursery pots have holes in them, so when you water, it will leak.  If you don’t line with plastic, when you water, remember to take the plant out of the pot first so that water will not leak out into the planter. 

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