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DIY Macrame Hanging Planters

I’d been eyeing these macrame hanging planters on the Magnolia Market’s website for months.   One cost about $25 and the other $18 and I  needed (wanted) two.  I really wanted them because they were so cute and just what I was looking for (and because I’ve become obsessed with macrame wall hangings and planters AND it was from Magnolia Market….Joanna Gaines…enough said).  I wasn’t ready to pay that much for them though.  I came close to checking out on the website more than a few times, but just couldn’t push the button. Every time I’d visited them on the Magnolia Market site, I would zoom in to see if it was easy enough to make myself.  Then, I Googled, Pinterest-ed, and YouTubed several macrame knots and DIY tutorials.  One day, I decided to just go for it and try making them myself.  

I used a combination of this blog post I found on Pinterest and this video I found on YouTube.  I’m really not an expert on making these.  This was my very first time, so I’d suggest referring to the linked posts or search “diy macrame planters” on Pinterest, YouTube, Google etc.  There were a lot of good information on how to make many different knots and patterns and it’s not as hard as it looks.  Once you get a rhythm going with the knots, it’s pretty easy.  Amd it only took me about and hour to make 2. Below is just my process and progress pictures.  These were my first, but probably won’t be my last because I LOVE macrame!  So, as I get more comfortable, maybe I’ll do a more in depth tutorial post on how to make them.  

Ok, so here’s how I made mine. I used this cotton rope by Bead Landing.  It was about $6-$7 at Michaels (cheaper with the 40% off coupon they always have). They had 2 different sizes.  This one is the thicker rope, 5mm wide, 23.6 yards (sorry I didn’t get a photo of the label.  The below pic is the stock photo I found in michaels website).  I bought 3 bundles. 

 Most of the macrame knots are done with 4 pieces of long rope (8 when folded).  I wanted my planter to have 4 “arms” just like the ones on the Magnolia site.  So, for each planter, I cut 8 pieces of rope.  I wanted them to be two different lengths but, close.  So, I cut one set of 8 pieces of rope at 8 ft each…

And the other set of eight at 9 ft each. 

I then folded each one in half to make 16 pieces of rope, making sure each rope was at about the same length at the ends folded and secured with a rubber band about 3-4 inches from the top of the loop.  Instead of a ring at the top, I wanted a a series of vertical bay knots (I think that’s what they’re called) around my loop.  You’ll need and extra piece of string that’s is not part of the 8 you’ve already cut for this part.  Refer to this blog tutorial link for how to do this knot. 

Using the extra string, make your lark head knots around the loop (again, see process for that knot here).  It’s call the covering ring method.  After you’ve done your lark head knots, you can take off the rubber band and with another separate piece of rope, wrap it around under the loop of park head knots. (If you had enough rope leftover from your loop lark head knots, you can also use that to wrap around.) Then secure the wrap using the technique in the above link as well. 

Then, I just did a series of half square knots after the wrap and square knots.  Half square knots makes this twisting effect with the rope.  Also see this tutorial on YouTube or this one for how to do half square knots and square knots. Also, I didn’t need to hang mine on a hook to make the knots like the did in the videos.  I sat on my couch and just put the the top between my legs and went from there.

When your doing your half square knots, square knots or whatever knots you choose, just be sure you do the same pattern for each “arm” to make your planter uniform. 

After I did my sets of half square knots and square knots for the design, I used square knots at the bottom of the planter where the pots will sit.  Be sure to make them all at about the same spot on each “arm” so that your plant pot doesn’t look lopsided when in the planter.  You can also use regular knots for this part to make it easier. 

Then to finish/close the hanger, I used the same wrapping technique as I did at the top under the loop.  But, you can also just gather all of the rope pieces together and put in a big regular knot to make it easier.

Then grap your plant in a cute pot, and hand it to display! So cute!

The planter to left, the knots under the wrap are half square knots, then I switched to full square knots using the same pieces of rope then switched again to half square knots, and finished the “seat” with full square knots.  

The planter to the right, under the wrap I did half square knots, joined 4 different pieces of rope with a space, continued with full square knots, joined 4 different pieces of rope and did full square knots for the “seat”. 

Two DIY macrame hanging planters for only about $15 in materials! 

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