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Pothos Plant Propagation

If you follow my Instagram, you may have noticed that in the recent months, I’ve been decorating more with plants in my home.  I love how they compliment my neutral color palette.  

I now have over 25 house plants, ranging from a huge majesty palm and fiddle leaf fig tree to small succulents and cacti (I know… #crazyplantlady lol).  I love all of my plants, and they are all my favorites.  But, I really love my pothos plant because of the trailing leaves, their ability to thrive in any type of lighting and they are super easy to propagate and make more plants!  

First, what does propagating a plant mean? Propagating means to breed specimens of a plant by natural processes from the parent stock (  Which means, you take a piece/cutting from an already established plant, use the cutting(s) to make new plants.   

I already had a pothos plant I’d just bought a month or so ago, but I wanted more.  So, I took cuttings from a really long trailing pothos plant (not mine) that was overdue for a trim.  I just cut the vine anywhere between two leaves. I took about 3-4 pieces of vine.

To start propagating, cut each leaf from the vine leaving two pieces of vine on each side of the leaf node.  The leaf node (the little knot at the end of the leaf) is where your new roots will grow.  Each leaf cutting should look like this…

After you have all of your cuttings, simply gather them together, with the leaf node and vine toward the bottom (like a bouquet) and place them in water.  It is easier to place them in a clear vase so that you can see the root growing progress, but that is not necessary. Make sure only the vine and leaf node are in the water. Try not to submerge the leaf in water. 

Now, all you have to do is wait for roots grow, which is the hardest part lol.  As the roots grew, I changed the water in the vase about once or twice a week, or whenever I thought about.  I don’t think that step is necessary, but  it can’t hurt to give them fresh, clean water, right? After about 4-5 days, I had my first roots develop!

And after about 2 weeks, I had a healthy root system!     

But, I wanted to be sure they were really healthy. So, I waited another week.  And they grew longer and thicker!   

The great thing about pothos plants is they can survive in a vase with water like above, or potted in dirt.  My plan was to pot them in dirt.  Here’s how I did it. I got some potting soil mix.  This bag was from The Home Depot for about $4. 

I filled my pots with dirt and made a little hole in the center to place the roots. 

I took the entire bouquet of cuttings from the vase and made sure I buried all of the roots with dirt.  Add more dirt if you need to and be sure you pack the dirt in tight around the roots. You don’t necessarily have to bury the vines on each side of the root.  Just be sure the the root is covered in dirt. Also, remember to leave about a 1-2 inch lip below the top of the pot.  This is so that when you water the plant, water doesn’t spill over the sides of the pot. 

Give them some water to wet the dirt so that it can settle. And there you have it!  A pretty propagated pothos plant…or two! 

Once these are established and flourishing and get long trailing vines , you can propagate again to get more plants to keep for yourself, or give as gifts! It’s the plant that keeps on giving!

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