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My New Work Bench! 

I’ve been wanting an official work bench for a while now. What have I been using since I started my woodworking journey in January you ask? Oh, just 3 of our 6ft folding party tables we use when we have events at our home.  Not ideal, but they were the only thing I had that was feasible to work on besides the garage floor.  

One day, I went to The Home Depot to get one of those small cans of Miniwax stain to finish my cedar tapered planter boxes (DIY post coming soon on those) because I’d ran out.  I’d been putting off building a work bench for months.  But that day, something told me it was time and to just go for it. I listened (always listen to those voices/instincts in your head, He’s not giving you those just because 😉…Amen!).  I got inspired to finally build my work bench while I was there so, I loaded the cart with boards and bought the materials.  I left The Home Depot with a cart full of wood, 4 casters, and the stain I’d originally made the trip for. Ummm, yeah… so, I “forgot” I only had my mid sized car and the car seats and stroller were in the trunk and back seat (#momlife)…but I made it work…loaded my boards through the trunk with a car seat and a double stroller in the car. Don’t ask how, I’m still amazed.  When there’s a will, there’s a way!  While sitting in the driver’s seat, I was literally inches from the windshield LOL!  Thank goodness for tinted windows. 

Hard to see, but those are some of the boards behind me.  They were literally touching the top on my head. My daughter didn’t know what to think and was genuinely concerned when I pulled up and had to get a closer look LOL. (Thanks to my husband for snapping the pic above when I arrived home.)

Anywho, the next day, those materials were transformed into this…

I used Shanty 2 Chic’s tutorial. Really simple and easy to follow.  

Sorry I don’t have many progress pics.  I started building it and literally got so excited, I barely stopped to used the potty. So, the above is the only one I have.  Luckily, I had to pause to feed my family and remembered to snap a pic.  Above was before I added the MDF boards to the top and bottom. But, don’t fret! Shanty 2 chic gives you plenty of visuals (something I still need to work on). 

Here is the upgraded beauty, finished!    

Hand built by moi! Build life just got a bit more easier! It’s nothing fancy, but I love it! I plan to build a smaller version so that I don’t have use our party tables at all anymore (I am currently still using a couple to hold my odds and ends). I also plan to add enhancements to this one in the future to make building more efficient.

Thanks to the locking casters,  I can roll my work bench outside of the garage easily and keep a close watch on my girls while they play. I immediately put this baby to use with projects, so stay tuned! 

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