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Playroom Refresh

I decided to refresh the playroom because the toys and things were taking over every room in the house.  It was driving me insane! And plus, it was just time for an update.

This is what it looked for a few years. 

It doubled as another sitting room and a playroom. This phase worked for a while, because my girls were both still little and didn’t quite want to play by themselves yet. They always wanted me or my husband to sit in here and watch them play.  If we didn’t, the toys and activities traveled to wherever we were in the house, leaving the playroom unoccupied a lot and a trail of toys all over the place. 

So, I started to get toy storage and put it in other rooms in the house (mainly our living room and the man cave).  The toys and things began to double as birthdays and such came and went, and well the playroom setup in the above pic couldn’t accommodate them all. 

It then became a habit for my girls to not play in the playroom at all.  And I would wonder, “Why!?” So, one day I just stood at the entrance and realized, “I wouldn’t want to play in here either…there’s no space to get creative!”  They were a little older now and the current set up above was stifling their creative juices.  

So, I convinced my husband to move two of the sectional pieces of the couch to man cave (yes, convince. I had to really sell it to him because he’s REALLY protective about his man cave. That’s the one spot in the house I have little decor input in). When the couches were relocated, I came up with this setup.

Two of the sectional pieces were moved to the man cave. I moved all of the toy chests and storage systems we had throughout the house into the playroom so that most of the toys were in one place.  We kept one couch in there for seating so that they can still be comfortable and relax while watching movies and such and because there are still times where I am summoned to participate in or watch them play/do activities and I need to be comfy šŸ˜Š. 

I updated it to that setup a couple of months ago and they love it!  But, I still wasn’t a fan of the colors.  That wall color and those valances had been there since before we moved in.  I wasn’t too fond of them then,  but I tolerated it because, it didn’t look horrible.  Well, now was the time for me to put my stamp on it.  So, I repainted the bottom half of the wall, made new window cornices (see my DIY post here for a tutorial), DIY’d some cute wall art, moved a couple things around, in and out…And this is what it looks like now! 

A refreshing playroom, but still a nice place to sit and relax when my girls don’t want to be in there.  Win and win!
Decor items in after pictures:

Toy storage system: Ikea

Toy storage system bins: Ikea

Toy storage chest gray wicker: Ikea

Toy storage chest black leather: Hand me down from family

Art Easel: Ikea (this usually goes on sale around the holidays.  Can be as cheap as $9.99)

Wall art-with words: Hobby Lobby

Wall art-tribal: DIY post here 

Framed art display: DIY post coming soon

Kids chair: Ikea

Pillow covers: Ikea (similar), here’s another similar version 

Desk: Target 

Stools: Target

Arts and Craft storage: Hobby Lobby

Faux leaf stems: HomeGoods 

Vase with faux leafs in it: Hand me down from family

Poufs: Target (similar) (P.S.- Poufs at Target almost always go on sale at the end of the season in the store.  You can find them as low as $16.94 ish)

Blanket:  HomeGoods 

Rug: Kohls 

Window cornices: My DIY post here. Stain used in above photos is Miniwax in ebony.

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